Festival Queen Chunky Bio Glitter PURPLE ON PURPLE

 Festival Queen Chunky Glitters are full of Sparkle and Shine! Create amazing looks for yourself or your clients with this great range of glitters that are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Purple on Purple is a mix of different sizes and colours of purple tones.

BioGlitter (Bio-glitter ®) is cosmetic grade and made of GM free, renewable and environmentally sourced raw materials, principally cellulose from eucalyptus trees. The glitter looks the same as cosmetic polyester based (PET) glitter but is very much softer in feel. Being cellulose it is compostable and marine and waste water biodegradable. And it is seriously sparkly and very, very lovely

Apply with glitter mixing medium, glitter glue or aloe gel.

Please note: We do not recommend use in the eye area or pre-mixing with gel if not used on the same day. Packed on volume not weight


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