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    It Takes Practice To Make Perfect

    Looking through the endless Facebook pages of beautiful face paint designs you may wonder if you will ever paint such beautiful designs.

    The truth is we all started somewhere and as lovely as some designs may be, even for an experienced face painter it may have taken some time to complete.

    Where can you learn to face paint like that? Obviously YouTube comes to mind and there are some face painters that offer courses and so forth but the truth is that practice, patience and passion are also require to get to the level of those awesome artists on Facebook.

    I saw Annie Reynolds whip out an awesome eye design in the first ever workshop I did and really its not something I could ever replicate, but I did learn the composition of how to put something good together and after time practicing and a bit of a mishmash of designs I came up with something I was happy with about 6 years later!

    In this design we have used Superstar Glitter Glam for the eyes and cheeks. Silly Farm Arty Brush "Aussie Mermaid" for the one stroke base and a good quality white (can't remember if it was DFX or PartyXplosion)  for the flower petals dipped in Superstar Petrol and of course Amerikan Body Art Pixie Paint

    Pretty Eye Design