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Face Paints Online are dedicated to bringing you the best quality face paints available! We like to support our Australian brands like Face Paints Australia (FPA), Tag Body Art and Global Colours.
However, we know there are many other fantastic brands available from all around the world. This is why we stock Premium brands like Diamond FX, Superstar, PartyXplosion, Silly Farm Rainbows and Arty Cakes.
Enjoy our range of Fine and Chunky Glitters, Amerikan Body Art Pixie Paints & Liquid Bling.
Having such great quality brushes like Loew Cornell, Silly Farm Paint Pal and The Face Painting Shop brands (just to name a few) helps round out a great kit.
We have personally tried and tested all the brands we stock and believe that no matter which you choose, you will be buying a great value product that will reflect in your face painting designs and brighten the day for your clients.
Our store is not the cheapest face paint store that you will ever shop at but because we put quality first we can guarantee you that you are buying great value products, awesome service and speedy delivery.